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Big NEON Words

$ 25.00 USD

These neon words made their debut at PBX 2018, and are finally here on our website ready to order!!  These words are HUGE!

These are made of 3mm ABS, a material that is much denser than the pvc signs on the market.  For regular sized signs, the pvc is great! However, we quickly learned that even the thickest pvc doesn't withstand the abuse that it most likely will encounter during regular usage.  The ABS is a more flexible material, meaning it has a little give to it, bends a little and feels pretty indestructible.  It also takes up a lot less room during storage and transportation to your events.  

Slay 13"x 17"

Yaass 14"x 23"

Fierce 13"x 20"

Cheers 15.79"x 26"

Rockstar 11”x 31.5”

Badass 10"x 29"

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